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Announcements - November 9, 2022

NFTStudio24 to hold Educational Seminars in India

NFTStudio24 is proud to announce the launch of the “Metaverse for All” campaign in India to educate over 3 million people about Web3 and Metaverse. The educational media platform will be holding Educational Seminars in different universities to help students learn and be aware of emerging digital technology.

India is massively developing in Web3; the companies are actively educating the general public about the opportunities within this industry. However, NFTStudio24 will be focusing on going to universities and connecting the students with world-renowned speakers from global organizations to educate them. Through informative and practical sessions, NFTStudio24 will be bringing tons of opportunities for the participants. 

NFTStudio24 believes the education of Web3 and Metaverse can help Indian students keep up with the rest of the world, and actively participate in the development of the industry as a whole. 

Get ready for fun and explorative sessions with NFTStudio24!

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