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Announcements - Metaverse - November 9, 2022

NFTStudio24 shares the importance of Metaverse Education 

NFTStudio24 is launching the “Metaverse for All” campaign, an educational movement to cultivate the masses with emerging digital technologies: Web3 and the Metaverse. The campaign will start in November as the NFTStudio24 team will be visiting different universities in Japan, India, Pakistan, and Africa.

As a global educational media platform, NFTStudio24 believes that metaverse education is quite important to achieve mass adoption. For growing economies, virtual platforms are perfect for people to establish their careers on a global scale. Currently, people from almost every profession are actively working to build their own virtual space that showcases their brand in the world. However, the community is still small compared to the actual worth of the platform.

NFTStudio24 is stepping up to make the general public, especially the younger generation, students, and learners, aware of this technology. To make this mission successful, the media website is introducing the  “Metaverse for All” campaign. 

Get a chance to meet Web3 experts, do fun activities, and earn a certificate as a participant. NFTStudio24 also announced a special Aventis Metaverse scholarship program for Pakistani and Indian students, along with an internship program coming soon.