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Announcements - November 9, 2022

NFTStudio24 announces Metaverse Education Seminar in Pakistan

NFTStudio24 is finally coming to Pakistan for education seminars related to Web3 and Metaverse as part of its “Metaverse for All” campaign. NFTStudio24 is a global educational media platform committed to teaching students and adult learners about blockchain and Web3. 

Pakistan ranks among the top 10 adopters of cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin, yet the majority of the population is still unaware of Web3 and metaverse. To help young students learn and build careers in this newly emerging digital technology, NFTStudio24 will be holding educational seminars in different universities. Students will get a chance to meet industry leaders and experts, and also find opportunities to develop their skills for the metaverse. 

NFTStudio24 believes the education of Web3 and Metaverse can help Pakistani people keep up with the rest of the world, and actively participate in the development of the industry as a whole.

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